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17th-Sep-2009 09:29 am - Survivor 19 Premiere

Survivor: Samoa begins tonight! Are you ready?
19th-May-2009 04:15 pm - Winner!
I know it seems like I forgot about this community, but I truly didn't. It's been on my mind for several weeks now. Due to circumstances beyond my control, my account went basic, so I couldn't post any more photos or polls like I usually do.

So what did you think of the finale? Did your favorite win? If not, whom did you want to win?

How does this season compare with past ones? Better? Worse?

Do you believe Coach was telling the truth?

Finally congratulations go out to UserPic bearistab67, the winner of our "Dumb Luck" Contest!
3rd-Mar-2009 06:14 pm - Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This
Recap: This episode arguably consisted of only one interesting development.

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22nd-Feb-2009 03:40 pm - The Poison Apple Needs to Go
Recap: We all know how Sandy is a few pennies short of a loafer. But nothing could prepare us for the image of Sandy grabbing hold of Erinn’s top and riding her like Slim Pickens on the bomb in Dr. Strangelove.

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This went over well last time, so we'll try it again.

The rules are simple. Pick one contestant. If he/she wins, you win!

At stake? A $10 Amazon certificate or two $5 LiveJournal certificates.

Depending on how many players are involved, people might later be able to pick a second contestant, increasing the odds at winning.

But for now, here are your Survivors. Choose one, and choose wisely. Or just tell me to pick one randomly for you. Just remember, once he/she is voted off the island, you cannot choose a replacement.

No two people can choose the same Survivor, so first come, first served.

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It took a little longer than expected, but I finally got around to watching the first episode.

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13th-Feb-2009 02:31 pm - Oops
You may not have even noticed... but in case you did, the reason I haven't done anything for the new season of Survivor is, well, I forgot.

I totally missed the premiere last night. I had been out of town all last weekend, so I've been watching old recorded shows that I missed while I was away, completely fast-forwarding through commercials that announced the premiere night. I'll be sure to watch it online sometime this weekend and get the ball rolling.

Thanks, and have a happy Valentine's weekend!
30th-Sep-2008 12:26 pm - Want to See the Elephant Dung?
hear the roar
It's time for a new season of Survivor!

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16th-May-2008 10:25 pm - Fantasy League Final Results
Fantasy League Final Results!Collapse )

Congratulations nullslashvoid! You are the winner of survivors' Fantasy League competition! You will have your choice of 6 months of a paid LiveJournal account or a $15 certificate from Amazon.com.

And congrats to the_reviews! You are the winner of survivors' Dumb Luck competition! You will have your choice of 2 months of a paid LiveJournal account or a $5 certificate from Amazon.com. Thanks to everyone who played along. I hope you all had fun.
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