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Survivor: A LiveJournal Community
Probst's Posse
19th-May-2009 04:15 pm
I know it seems like I forgot about this community, but I truly didn't. It's been on my mind for several weeks now. Due to circumstances beyond my control, my account went basic, so I couldn't post any more photos or polls like I usually do.

So what did you think of the finale? Did your favorite win? If not, whom did you want to win?

How does this season compare with past ones? Better? Worse?

Do you believe Coach was telling the truth?

Finally congratulations go out to UserPic bearistab67, the winner of our "Dumb Luck" Contest!
20th-May-2009 12:36 am (UTC)
Thanks Matt. It was definitely an interesting season. But very much enjoyed it. Looking forward to Samoa.
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